When O’Shea competed as a goalkeeper


Written by El-Khoury

At 38 years old, Irishman John O’Shea, a well-known footballer to all of us, decided that it was time for retirement, ready to hang his shoes up. Even though he might have been slightly late to, at the time he still felt fit enough to play. He is and will always be one of the most honest playing Irish footballer. He was always giving to every team he played for his best self, even though he was not the most talented player in the world.

The kid for all positions

It is important to mention that in his time with Manchester United he was a player who could play in many positions. He played as a right back and as a central defender. Moreover, when the “Grandfather”, Sir Alex Ferguson, had a problem in his starting 11 he would even throw him as a left back, even though he was better using his right foot. Additionally, he sometimes played as a defensive midfielder. Now, you can understand what we mean when we say he was the player for all positions.

When he even managed to end up under the goal posts

The best example for this title “the kid for all the positions” as mentioned above is reversing backwards to the year 2007. It was the 4th of February of that year when Manchester United were up against Tottenham Hotspurs in “White heart lane”, when honest and brave John O’Shea was replaced to play under the goal post in the position of Van der Saar.

The Dutch Goalkeeper got injured in the second half due to a crash with Roy Keane. Sir Alex Ferguson had already completed his three change of players during the game and was forced to move a player on the pitch under the goal post. Rio Ferdinand had offered to go in goal however a draw chose O’Shea.

He better on a clean sheet

The score at that time was already 4-0 for United and surely the game was already over, however the interesting thing in that game was whether John O’Shea would have kept a clean sheet. He was pretty impressive not only disallowing any goals past him, he actually managed to block a one on one (Oh yes!).

He ran out of goal and did some good blocks, and gave support to his teammates when they didn’t have someone to pass the ball to. All the team sitting on the bench watching United were enjoying John O’Shea more then the actual match. When he actually managed to block the one on one, the cameras spotted Rooney and Giggs enjoyed a talk, smiled at each other and were proud of how O’Shea was doing so well.

One of the most special moments in his career

When the game finished, and they all went to the changing rooms, the joy on O’Sheas face was priceless. He even asked Van der Saar if today’s game would have considered a clean sheet for the Dutchman. He asked the question on the basis that they would share the clean sheet award. “It was one of the most unique moments of my life in football” indicated the Irishman a little after the game.

So… Just like that this summer were the last moments in his career, one of the most honest Irish footballers. A faithful Soldier! The boy who could play and conquer the opposition in any position.