When Scholes taught Ronaldo… how to play football


Written by El-Khoury

In the history of football, we can find a lot of professional footballers who were characterized as “holy monsters”. Footballers who enchanted with their talent and who “forced” the oppositions fans to congratulate and cheer them on. There is one player however, who unfortunately is not recognized as much as he should have in the eyes of the people. We are referring to Paul Scholes.

An Integrated footballer

Talent; one of the biggest talents in the world. He always had the ability to see the whole pitch in front of him, dribbled past his opponents with ease, was never selfish and provided safety to his teammates. In addition, a mistake was never expected from the legend, Paul Scholes. He always managed to spot and execute passes which his teammates could never imagine of doing. Though, his recognition was not at the level that it should have been at.
Recognition from those who should

Precisely, when one of the top players in the world Zidane has justified that you are the best opponent he has played in his life, whilst on the other hand Henry cant believe how you didn’t manage to win the best player of the world, emphasizes how Paul Scholes didn’t need recognition from anybody else to prove what a special player he was. Furthermore, due to external factors occurring off the pitch, which many people were not aware of did not help him become the ultimate star that he wished to be. And of course, the fact that Paul Scholes did not want to become the best star in football plays a vital role in the outcome.

The lesson to Ronaldo

If anybody in this world ever doubted the power and professionalism of Scholes as a player, we will look at the event where Ronaldo explained everything about him in public. The Portuguese superstar said that one day at a training session at Manchester United, Ronaldo himself performed his own tricks, which very few players could carry out. However, one of the players who could perform similar outstanding tricks was the one and only Paul Scholes.

When Ronaldo had stopped showing off his talent, Scholes got the ball and showed him a tree around 50 meters away. “I am going to score with my first shot” he told the Portuguese. And who could believe what he said was going to happen. Ironic right? But… he actually hit that tree. In return he expected Ronaldo to perform the same trick after him. After 10 consecutive tries from the Portuguese superstar aiming for the tree he got angry and gave up. Scholes however said nothing but smiled and walked away. This was one of the biggest lessons of all time for Christiano Ronaldo.