Carlos Tevez: The Problematic ‘Apache’ hated by all of Manchester


Written by El-Khoury

Carlos Tevez. A great footballer, and one of the only players who managed to make two opponent teams to hate him. A Striker with a unstable nature. From day to night, everything changed, and love turned into… hate.

In 2007, Carlos Tevez moved to Manchester United on a loan status. There he met with the great Sir Alex Ferguson and in fact he was the man helped him succeed in his career. In his first year, Tevez scored 19 goals in 48 appearances and was one of United’s most valuable players. “Everything about Old Trafford is wonderful. It’s hard to even describe how great this club is and the importance of me playing for United”, Tevez emphasized.

But yet this love for the Red Devils didn’t last long. Even though he said “I can’t imagine my life away from United”, Tevez would probably be fine in any team. In his second season there he scored 15 goals in 51 games, however, felt unhappy because ‘Red Devils’ were not giving him the contract he was looking for. Suddenly, the love, turned into hate. Tevez signed at their rivals, Manchester City in 2009.

The amount that City had given him is still unknown, but it was clearly a much better contract than what United had offered him. “Welcome to Manchester!” This is how the Citizens in Etihad welcomed him in a statement which was written in such a way in order to make the United fans feel the bitterness. In his first season there, wearing the City jersey was just a fantastic year. He scored 29 goals in 42 games.

He even became the Captain of the team; however, he repeated the same actions as he did in Manchester United. That is, demanding more money showing his ungratefulness. In the summer of 2010, ‘Apache’ said “I won’t be returning to the East lands not even for a vacation”. And yet he returned in August, without wearing the Captain’s armband (act like if he ever cared).

It was not long before, September 2010, when Tevez refused be substituted against Bayern Munich for the Champions League. This was the part in his career where he passed the line. Tevez was forced to a compulsory leave and returned only to celebrate the Championship after 44 years with his teammates.

But nothing was the same. City’s fans had become accustomed and annoyed by his behavior. Most importantly, the whole city of Manchester ended up hating him for different reasons. Finally, in 2013 the Argentinean left Manchester permanently, as the two Manchester teams did not want him anywhere near them.

Tevez has managed to become one of the very few reasons that unite the two opponents and have something in common to talk about. The future of the troubled ‘Apache’ was to be finally out of Manchester, but to his beloved… Boca Juniors.