Peter Schmeichel: The Great Dane under Red Devils’ goal posts

Written by El-Khoury

Much has been written about the Schmeichel family. Statements by Peter Schmeichel, proclaimed a hero of his son, Casper Schmeichel. Little Casper has grown up, but we all can take off our hats for him because for some years everyone has been praising him not for who he is and what he is doing, but of his legendary father.

In 1992, Denmark from nowhere, suddenly appeared in a way to make its history more spectacular and interesting (from the moment they didn’t know they had a chance to compete in the Euro), as a team they managed to lift the trophy. In the team however, the player that stood out was of course Peter Schmeichel.

He was an incredible guy…

Reflections that few had, while his stature scared the most confident scorer. When he opened his mouth to shout, then it was easy to see that any player would hardly manage to hit the ball at the back of the net.

Schmeichel, a top goal keeper, managed to win nine championship titles in Denmark, England and Portugal between 1987-2000, while playing a significant role in Manchester’s 1998-1999 Champions League success!

When Sir Alex Ferguson said: “Schmeichel was probably the greatest scorer of all time. The biggest players for me are always the attackers who are aggressive, the ones who can make anything happen at any time. Players like Pele, Maradona and Cruyff in the past, and Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney in the present. But Schmeichel was a rare exception as a goalkeeper who was classified as the top players of his time until even today, one of the best goal keepers in history”.

The fact that these words came out of Sir Alex’s mouth you know Peter Schmeichel was something special. He was by far the leading goalkeeper of his generation and certainly when he was screaming at both teammates and opponents the whole game changed. Additionally, if you were a threat to his eye, you would find it difficult to get through him, he was nearly unbeatable!

In 1987, Peter received his first call in the Danish national and since then his country has changed level

He was 23 years old then and by the 1998 World Cup it was him who made the difference. He obtained the European championship in 1992, European 1996 groups, and quarter-finals of the 1998 World Cup. Danish coach Bo Johansson then said, “Every time we manage to get a big win it’s just because Peter Schmeichel is so good.”

Schmeichel ended his international career with his 129th and last appearance against Slovenia in 2001, keeping his goal area intact and undefeatable once again. But it was not uncommon. In 42% of his appearances as a united goalie he had zero goals passed him. Schmeichel’s appraisal came in 2001 when Reuters declared him the top goalkeeper of all time in front of Lev Yassin and Gordon Banks. That was Peter Schmeichel. The incredible Danish, The Great Dane!