The story behind Arsenal and Harry Kane

Written by El-Khoury

Harry Kane is one of the best strikers in the world. It is known, however, that when Kane was young, he played in Arsenal’s academies. But why did the “The Gunners” let him go?

He was only 8 years old when he wore the Arsenal shirt for the first time. He loved this team and dreamed to play there in the future, but fate was not on his side. On the contrary, he was heartbroken when Arsenal, at the age of 11, decided they did not want him because he did not have that ‘special talent’ they were looking for.

“I remember this day very well,” said the English striker. “My father and I went to the park and he  touched my shoulder with love in his eye telling me that Arsenal did not want me anymore”

He was chubby and not so athletic. But Tottenham decided to give him a chance. After joining the team, he was loaned out three times to the weaker categories. It was due to disappointment and frustration that Arsenal caused, boosting him to change his mind and claim his dream with all his might.

In 2013, Tottenham decided to give him a chance after the loans. He used his great talent when he faced Arsenal again in 2015. In addition, “He remembered everything that had happened in the past. At 11, I thought of myself playing with the colours of Arsenal. That gave me a boost. And now look where I am.”

And while Kane was coming out on the pitch, he promised himself that these last 12 years would show the “The Gunners” that it was all a huge mistake. Two magnificent goals by Kane himself gave Tottenham the victory. The second came with a header in 86 ‘and Kane still claims that it was his best header.

Today, he is England captain, top scorer in the 2018 World Cup, and a goal machine. Arsenal certainly made a huge mistake, as today Kane could play with the colours of the “The Gunners” and the whole story would be completely different; for Arsenal and maybe even himself.