Elastico: The story of a spectacular dribble!


Written by El-Khoury

Beautiful dribble, perhaps the most spectacular we’ve seen in football battles. In my opinion, the best since my name foretells it! The “Elastico” is a dribble that can break the ankles of the opposing defender. Most of you admire and remember that dribble from Ronaldinho. But who invented it, who tried it successfully, and who kept trying but failed?

It is a fact that a beautiful dribble can get all the crowd up on their feet. A spectacular and difficult dribble technique, however, can take a footballer to the next level and making him admired by all his team’s fans and beyond!

For older football fans, it is true, that they became more frequent spectators of dribbles. After all, the systems of the coaches in the past allowed the footballers to have more freedom on the pitch. Now in modern football, every action is studied and for someone to “escape” and do their own thing while playing, they must “have” it and manage to perform it.

This becomes clear when we talk about dribbles that have a degree of difficulty and cannot be done by anyone, otherwise the results would turn out…like a tragic comedy. One of the most well-known moves, then, is the “Elastico”, a dribble that most of us remember from the Brazilian “magician” Ronaldinho. But was he the first to inspire? How did this dribble-nightmare become known to rival defenders?

Rivellino and the source of inspiration

The first to make the “Elastico” on a football pitch was a Brazilian-Japanese footballer, Sergio Echigo. In 1964, Echigo played for Corinthians and had the world known Rivellino as his teammate. The Brazilian “juggler” saw the dribble of his teammate in one of the training sessions and got excited.

From that point on, he did not stop practicing it until he perfected it and performed it to the public at the 1970 World Cup, leaving everyone speechless. Speaking to television about the dribble phenomenon, he stressed that: “Echigo invented it. I perfected it, “he said. Rivellino has always been an idol for every little Brazilian who started learning football. Of course, his dribble was one of the “musts” that every young person tried to learn. In this long list we also find Romario, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, who practiced every day to perfect it.

The movement of the “Elastico”

Apart from Brazil, however, this dribble has its roots in Africa, where it is called the “snake bite”. And that has to do with the foot movements that are like the “zig-zag” that the snake does. It is also called “Gaucho”, as Ronaldinho was the one who made it known almost all over the world. But how can you make the “Elastico”? It may seem simple, but in fact it is one of the most difficult dribbles, as it requires technique and speed simultaneously.

Step 1: You control the ball with the outside of the shoe and move in one direction.

Step 2: Quickly bring the ball to the inside part of the shoe and finally go to the opposite side, “tricking” and sending your opponent to the wrong side.