Gabriel Batistuta: A name which will live forever in football history


Written by El-Khoury

There are people whose fate has “condemned” them to become symbols: Pele of Brazil, Cruyff of the Netherlands and so on. Each country has its own “heroes”, its own little “Gods”. For Argentina, one of the many is Gabriel Omar Batistuta. He came into this world on February 1st, 1969, in Reconquista, Santa Fe and at 15 years old he took his first steps with the football team of Platense FC.
The “truck” puts in the first gear and the transfer to rivals… Boca Juniors

He started professional football in 1988, in the city of Rosario, playing for the Newell’s Old Boys jersey. The “truck” (nicknamed by his teammates due to his power and speed), makes a debut for his team on September 15 of the same year. But the “curtain” opened, in fact, three days later, in the semi-final of the Copa Libertadores. And here History begins…

He played for one season, scoring four goals in 16 appearances, and leaving for River Plate in 1989. In River Plate, he met Danielle Pasarella, who replaced the coach Reynaldo Merlot in the middle of the season. On the other hand, however, “Bati” stays on the bench systematically. The next stop in 1990, was Boca Juniors, who were to be crowned champions, “the truck” being the top scorer. He was a true leader!

He grew up himself in “Viola” and became… a statue!

He left in 1991 for Italian team Fiorentina. In the “team of his heart”, he will grow with this team for 9 years and his statue will be built outside the “Artemio Franki”, in honour of his 100 participations, shows the love of the fans and what he means to them. He will lead the “Violas” to win the cup in 1995 and in 1996 he will score the 2 winning goals against Milan, for the Super Cup. And the end of the season has come.

The betrayal in the “team of his heart”

The change of the century finds “Batigol” in Roma and the team of florence begins “dropping”. His statue is being slowly destroyed. People start considering him a “traitor”. The Romans will “deify” him, and he will reward them, giving them  (20 goals), a trophy after 18 years. In 2003 he went on loan to Inter, without achieving anything worth mentioning. He eventually ended his career in 2004 in Al-Arabi, Qatar.

In the National Team, she has scored 56 goals in 78 appearances, and is the first scorer in history. A cup and a Super Cup with Fiorentina, a championship with Roma and one with River Plate and the 2 National Copa Americas in (1991, 1993) fill up his collection. He was marked as the best Argentine player, in 1998 and top scorer in the history of Fiorentina and Al-Arabi, as an individual.

Batistuta was a player who was never satisfied with the cups he won. Nor was his path “paved with rose petals.” But he managed to make his star shine. And become a symbol for an entire generation. Because he was a leader… And therefore people will remember him… as a talented player who will remain forever in football history.