10 of the biggest transfer “battles” between Man. United and Liverpool


Written by El-Khoury

Man. United – Liverpool. They are two eternal enemies, two of the most important clubs in England and one of the most famous in the world. These two teams have competed hundreds of times both on and off the pitch! We will evaluate today the 10 transfer conflicts of the two clubs.

Cristiano Ronaldo

First and foremost was the clash between the two teams for the eyes of the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo. For those unfamiliar with this case, Liverpool were the first team to come close to signing Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon in 2003. However, the transfer then cost just € 3-4 million, with the player ending up at Manchester United and making history for the club. They will cry and regret in Liverpool, since due to those small amounts they did not acquire him.

Sadio Mane

“I was really very close to signing for United. At the time I was having the final discussion with the people of Manchester, Jurgen Klopp called me and everything changed”, said Mane. The transfer move was not of the most successful of the reds since 2010.

Memphis Depay

Back in 2015, Memphis Depay was one of the hottest transfer targets! The Dutchman had a magical season in his country’s championship and had attracted the interest of the two big teams of England. In the end, although Liverpool’s proposal seemed to be better in terms of finances, Depay chose to follow his path with his instinct of what was better for him and so he travelled to Manchester!

Roberto Firmino

Liverpool, who lost Depay in their hands, did not intend to stay that way. From the moment thhe failed to acquire the Dutchman, their move was to quickly acquire Firmino. However, Man United were preparing their official offer for the Brazilian aswell. What was wrong with the strategy of the red devils? That they were waiting for him to finish his duties in the Copa America first. On the other hand, a Liverpool scouter had travelled to Chile to meet him and talk closely, emphasising how much they wanted the footballer. Within a few hours, Firmino’s transfer to the Scousers had been finalized, with United looking around and probably regretting this phenomenon.

Teddy Sheringham

In 1997, Liverpool were looking for an experienced central striker. However, despite the advanced discussions, they thought that Sherigam was too old to invest money in him. Its worth noting that he was 31 years old. At that time, United did not miss the opportunity and easily and quickly added him to their roster, a very successful transfer!


Jose Mourinho, being the coach of United, had made it a priority for the team’s management to do their best to sign Fabinho from Monaco. Jurgen Klopp’s team, however, once again came out as winners in the transfer windown, as despite the Brazilian’s advanced discussions with the “red devils”, they managed to acquire him. “I was in talks with United, I don’t deny it. But there was no official offer”, said the Brazilian, who ended up at Liverpool.

Gabriel Heinze

Gabriel Heinze is a special case, as the footballer in question was already in Manchester. Liverpool, however, offered a very tempting offer to Sir Alex Ferguson’s team, much bigger than Real Madrid’s to take him to Liverpool. However, the Red Devils did not want to strengthen their domestic “opponent” and so they decided to give their consent for Heinz to move to Madrid.

Van Dijk

Virgil Van Dijk has become the world’s top central defender. His development was rapid, however, the Dutchman seems to have first rejected the offer from Manchester United, as well as Arsenal, before going to Liverpool. This was undoubtedly a great victory for Gurgen Klopp’s team in the transfer market.

Phil Jones

And yet! Reading his name on the list made you laugh. And rightly so. Who would have thought that the two biggest clubs on the Island would be on a battle for Phil Jones! He is certainly not one of the players that Liverpool should feel unlucky that they did not acquire. The footballer was convinced by Sir Alex Ferguson, who considered him the next big thing in English football for some reason (ok, legends can also get things wrong). So, Phil could not, of course, reject United’s grandfather Sir Alex and turned down Liverpool’s offer. The rest are… memes on the internet.


Takumi Minamino

Minamino did not manage to receive an offer from United, since he had already agreed with Klopp’s Liverpool. The reds team made the ideal offer to Salzburg for his acquisition and the Austrian team did not reject the offer. At the same time, in Manchester, they were slowly preparing their own offer, which did not make sense since he had already made his decision and knew which team he would join.

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