When Henry scored the 2nd best goal in the history of Arsenal


Written by El-Khoury

On the 1st of October 2000, one and a half years after the crazy run and goal of the Welshman, Ryan Giggs against Arsenal, the gunners were hosting Manchester United in Highbury. Thierry Henry had fun and gave moments of magic and a goal that for many is considered the best in the Premier League. However, for the history of Arsenal, it’s been voted the second best!

It all started all with a glimpse moment when the hosts committed a foul after a close pass. Grimandi passed the ball to the French star, Thierry Henry, who was two meters from the danger area, so close to the goal post, while at the same time Dennis Erwin moved in very close onto Thierry. Henry welcomed the ball while he was out of the area with his back to the goal, lifted it up with his nose and made a shot, sending it to the opposite corner of Barthez’s goal!

All this was done in fractions of a second and with only two contacts of the ball. Suddenly, Henry was found celebrating in front of his team’s bench, having scored with a one of a kind energy and inspiration, a goal with an absolute combination of technique, instinct and imagination. It is one of the most masterful goals we have ever seen in any matches in England, especially in a derby between Arsenal and United.

However, Paul Scholes had emphasised years ago that before the match Sir Alex had warned his players that Arsenal were feeding Henry in the danger area to obtain a close foul. Before they knew it, however, he had already picked the ball and sent her into the back of the net. It was one of the best goals! It was so beautiful that it was eventually voted by Arsenal fans as the 2nd most beautiful in the team’s history. And if you are wondering which one was the first? But of course that of Dennis Bergkamp against Newcastle!