Ainsley Niles: Arsenal footballer who left his mother homeless

Jule Niles mother of Arsenal first-team football player, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, at a Yellow Storage unit where she has been living for the past year regardless of the huge amounts of money Ainsley is now making. nn- Picture of Jule Niles, 38, outside the Yellow Storage Unit

Written by El-Khoury

You probably do not recognize Ainsley Maitland Nails because of football, but probably for some other unprecedented reason! The young Arsenal footballer left his mother homeless, while he is living his rich life.

People could not believe this phenomenon and would ask themselves “is this really possible?” The young man who is paid around 30,000 pounds a week and lives his dream in a luxurious apartment worth 700,000 while at the same time, his mother Julie is just surviving in a container box of 10 square meters!!!

“It’s a metal box, with no windows or carpets. There is no toilet or anything to wash my hands or clothes. My son could buy me an apartment with a week’s or a month’s salary. But the money took over his heart and mind and I am in this position. My son is playing for Arsenal and I am here. It’s not my house, but I know it looks like a house where you can take a shower, brush your teeth and sit in your room” she indicated in a low tone.

Ainsley’s mother’s words are shocking, and the human mind cannot ever interpret that a child has left his mother to live in utter misery, while he lives richly, simply because their relationship has deteriorated. The tragic irony of the unprecedented story is that his mother was forced to raise him all alone due to tough circumstances. She worked two jobs to make sure he did not miss anything and to make his dreams come true and that is the way he returned his love back to her.

However, even now, after all that is happening, the 10 square meters in which Ainsley’s mother lives is decorated with his own photos, From his first touches at a young age with the ball, while we can also find his first professional contract that he signed!!! Just Incredible how enormous a mother’s love is even if the love is not returned.