A bite that changed the football career of Luis Suarez


Written by El-Khoury

The World Cup is the ultimate football event. Every four years people wait for this and expect an event full of intensity, passion, action, and anything interesting you may think about. Of course some of the craziest stories were written there and at every event someone will steal the spotlight. But those stories stay forever into fans minds not always for the right reasons. As in the case of Suarez in 2014, when his spontaneous action marked his career.

The Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, had a moment of… weakness in the 79th minute of a game against Italy for the last match of the World Cup group stage. A moment where one can say that his mind blurred, others that he heard voices in his head, and the rest that he just let his bad instinct beat him down. Luis Suarez bit Kielini for no reason.

This action was hunting him

In fact, it was not a simple bite. His teeth literally left a mark on Chiellini’s shoulder. For several minutes, they were both on the ground, with Kjellini dying from the pain on his shoulder and Suarez gritting his teeth in pain as well (indicating the bite was very hard). The result was a four-month ban from the stadiums. That was the third bite in four years. In 2010, when he wore the Ajax jersey, he attacked Osman Bakal and was punished with 7 games, while in 2013, while playing for Liverpool, he bit Ivanovic and received a penalty of 10 games. Four months were a lot but also well-deserved for his actions.

Suarez had to go through a big period off the football grounds, however he put himself in that situation. People did not like him and criticized him. Everyone suddenly became an “expert”, a “psychologist”, a “specialist” and came to conclusions about Suarez. Much has been written about his psychosynthesis and who he is as a human being which were rather negative comments. He could not help but close his ears and make his self-criticism. He fought a great battle with himself and of course he was not alone. He had the support of his own people, his family and experts in the football industry. A major change was needed. A drastic change in himself, in his career and in everything that brought him to this point in his life.

Barcelona saved his career once and for all

He found the change, and this was due to a big name in football: Barcelona FC. The Contract at that time happened secretly, as he was not allowed to participate in any sporting activities (not even to be introduced by his new team). But Suarez worked, risked, and won. For four months he listened only to his critics, was attacked, and worked to return stronger. And in the end, the Uruguayan did it.

His difficult days were many, but the year that followed was the best. With Barcelona he obtained the Cup, the Championship, and the best of all cups… the Champions League. He played a total of 43 games, scored 25 goals, and provided 24 assists. A year he should feel very satisfied and proud of himself. Suarez is an example of how one can learn from one’s mistakes. That is what he did. It was difficult, very difficult, but he worked even harder and, in the end, it was rewarded. All obstacles lead to something good; some say. And that is what happened. A start of a great beginning. Luiz Suarez ladies and gentlemen.