The story behind Cristiano Ronaldo almost became a teammate of Messi


Written by El-Khoury

In the summer of 2009, Real Madrid broke the all-time transfer record to dress Cristiano Ronaldo in “White”, taking out of its budget a crazy amount of 94 million euros. And yet the story could have been written differently…!
Crisis in negotiations and internal disputes at Real

In particular, Real Madrid’s negotiations with Manchester United went through major crises that almost sent CR7 to Barcelona or even to Manchester City. More serious than that was Cristiano’s agreement with United, so that he could leave in the summer of 2009, as well as the agreement of Jorge Mendes with Real Madrid, which angered Sir Alex Ferguson. However, probably the most important problem for reaching an agreement was what was happening inside Real.

Ronaldo or 2-3 international Spaniards?

Fernandez De Blas, representing Florentino Perez as an independent followed by becoming vice president, has publicly criticized President Volouda for spending so much money on a foreigner rather than taking 2-3 international Spaniards in the framework of the club’s traditional values. Volouda, in fact, undertook to temporarily role from the resignation of Calderon (January 2009) until the elections took place, and was annoyed by what was being said so far asking Mendes to cancel the existing agreement! An agreement that provided for a penalty of 30 million euros – of course, if all sides agreed to break it, then the whole Madrid team would save money.

Mendes who shook the waters

It was the move of Cristiano’s “demon” manager, Jorge Mendes, that changed things drastically. Mendes decided to accept the breach of the agreement, without much resistance, and send his lawyer to Madrid for the formalities. When the club’s CEO, Jose Angel Sanchez, heard about the latest news, he could not believe it, as he knew very well about Barcelona’s offer of 105 million euros for the Portuguese, while there was a corresponding proposal from City to acquire him.

Volouda and Pereth vs de Blas

This was followed, of course, by a furious backstage dual at Real, in order for Volouda to be convinced and change his mind, with the issue finally being resolved when he contacted Florentino Pereth, who is worth noting that he was not even a candidate at the time! The result was that Pereth made a commitment that De Blas would never again raise the issue not to create any internal issues. It was, of course, a move that could not be credited, but due to fear of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo in the Blaugrana T-shirt, it pushed him to take a step back. A few days later, Pereth officially announced his candidacy for Real Madrid president, therefore the transfer proceeded normally, and Ronaldo wore the “merengues” jersey, while the rest belongs to history.