When Gerrard rejected Real Madrid


Few men will ever match the legacy forged by Steven Gerrard at Liverpool. He was one of the greatest football players

Maybe the greatest midfielder of the 20th century with excellent technique, a grace of touch, clinical finishing and a refusal to give up. A complete footballer of undoubted world-class ability.

Steve was a part of Liverpool and he loved LFC more than himself. His career was full of big moments. Seven major trophies and a lifetime appreciation from LFC fans. His career highlight was when he lift the Champions League Trophy in Constantinople.

Real Madrid tried twice to sing Steven Gerrard

The Spanish giants weren’t the most elegant team in the negotiations. They asked him to «kick up a war» with Liverpool in order to sign him.

But Gerrard wasn’t ready to start a war with Liverpool and betray the team of his heart. «They wanted me to kick up a war to get out of Liverpool for a certain amount of money, which I wasn’t prepared to do,’ Gerrard said. ‘I think Real Madrid, when they’re after a player they have the attitude of “we’re Real Madrid, you should fight to come to us”. But my love for Liverpool, I wasn’t prepared to go to war and plus I was very happy and stable at the time».